Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mimi's Corner - October 24

Hi everyone,

It's Mimi. I haven't posted in a while because I have been busy with school and piano. And my brother is in a play so my mom has been driving around a lot!

Yesterday, I had a Girl Scout meeting and we decorated pumpkins. Last night, I cut open the pumpkin and found lots of seeds. This morning I put the seeds in the oven and I baked them. After that I put some salt on them and they tasted so good!

A few weeks ago, we went to a Girl Scout event. Only three of us went even though we have eight girls.

First Mr. Ferry from Happily Ever After in Philadelphia told us about owning a toy shop.

Then Ms. Starr told us about fixing and cleaning dolls.

Also, there was a doll museum by my mom's doll club and we also did stations. The first station was making a paper doll. The paper doll could look like you and that's how I made mine. The next station was to make a scrapbook about the doll museum. Next we took a picture with our dolls and all my friends looked beautiful. Then we made Snappy dolls. The Snappy dolls are dolls you can make all by yourself. You can mix and match skin tones like pink and blue and purple, or regular skin tones. Later, we had snack and watched a movie called Bluette goes to Paris. After the snack (but the movie was still on) we colored pictures again. Finally, we did door prizes. Unfortunately, my friend N, forgot to enter the door prizes!!! But my other friend J, won a porcelain doll and I won a wooden doll highchair. It was so fun! Then it was over and we went home!

Have a great day! (and thanks for the pictures Mom!)


  1. Hi Mimi, I enjoyed reading your post. The photos are beautiful! I'm glad that you are having so much fun in Girl Scouts. Congratulations on winning the wooden doll highchair!

  2. Mimi, thank you for the wonderful post! I remember having lots of fun in Brownines, so I know you are having fun in Girl Scouts. Congrats on the high chair!