Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Around the Doll World - 10/6

There is so much news around the doll world that I'm going to spread it over two days! I wanted to dedicate today to a special artist I found through my google alerts. Her name is Faith and this is her site: Sundrip

You know how something catches your attention and you know it's special but you are not quite sure why? Well that's how I felt when I first came across Faith's dolls. I saw this little cutie in a red hat, her name is Lisa:


Something about her eyes and the serious lips that want to smile, really captured my attention. I HAD to contact the artist and then I knew... she is one special lady.

Here is what Faith Shared with me:

"One of the things I do with my dolls that isn't really heard of is make inner child dolls for African-American children in therapy. Therapy includes physical and emotional therapy. I've made several, some are posted in my doll gallery but others are not. If the person chooses not to have their therapy doll posted I don't. I respect their privacy. The other thing is this, each doll is hand sewn not machine sewn. The faces are hand painted, the hair chosen carefully to fit the desired look and the outfit is chosen carefully. I actually have a wardrobe for future dolls. The amount of thought that goes into each doll is extensive. I thoroughly enjoy making them. The doll you asked about is doll number 16. She's got big brown eyes with a tad bit of gold above them. Her hair is in three pony tails which is a standard black hair style for little girls. She's got little black shoes and a sweet dress. I think the addition that makes her stand out is the red beret. She's currently sitting on my shelf with my personal doll collection (I'm a collector myself) as she waits for a new home. "

I don't know if these are therapy dolls but here are more of her beautiful dolls:

What a wonderful service to these young children that need a physical source of comfort. And please please please take a stroll through her gallery! She is obviously a multitalented artist! There are several of her paintings that I have to get prints of!! If you read Faith's About Me page you'll know as I have learned what a extraordinary giving person she is. I don't know her at all... but I do. I know that she has taken her own hurts and pains and poured herself into helping others heal. God Bless you Faith and thank you for allowing me to write about you and your dolls!

**** Pictures used are with the permission of the artist!****


  1. What a wonderful ministry...God bless her for doing this....

  2. Thanks for introducing us to the artist and her dolls. I know that dolls are therapy.

  3. beautiful dolls! i love them!!

    following you through under 100 followers club at MBC..i hope you do follow back