Friday, July 31, 2009

Launch Party Planning is beginning!

Hi to all of my wonderful readers!! I'm so excited to announce that Mimi and I are planning our Launch party!!! We are scheduling it for Late August or Early September. We are thinking we will do either a dance theme or a back to school theme. Chime in and let us know what you prefer.

For the Dance Theme, we will teach you to do the Electric Slide and maybe do a fun craft!! Then of course you get to see all of our goodies up close and personal.

For the back to school theme, maybe we'll make drawstring bags for our dolls, or decorate pencils. I need ideas, let me know your thoughts!

We are off for the weekend, can't wait to chat with you guys on Monday!

Margaret and Mimi

Thursday, July 30, 2009

About our Emily Rose @ Home Parties

In my Introduction post below, I mentioned that our primary way to serve you is by bringing our products to your home to share with family and friends. What better way to know the high quality of our product? By being able to see and touch the product, you will agree that our products are some of the BEST on the market!

So you might ask the question, “What’s in it for me? Why should I host a party?” That's easy! When you host your party with 10 or more confirmed guests, we will reward you with the Hostess Outfit of the Month free!! That's up to a $20 value! Whichever of our gorgeous outfits is featured that month, YOU get it for FREE. This is just our way of saying thank you for opening your home to us! But that’s not all! All of our hostesses also receive a coupon that is worth 10% of the total value of the order from the Party. Yes, yes, yes! This means more shopping for you!!

Interested? You can contact me at to discuss being a hostess. I will contact you immediately. I won't take much of your time, approximately 30 minutes, to discuss the party time, date and theme, guest list and to describe how you as a hostess can maximize your rewards.

Or you can go to my sidebar Or my Emily Rose site Emily Rose and sign up to be a party hostess. If there is a Founder in your area, you will be contacted by that person!

I can’t wait to get together with you to plan your perfect Emily Rose @ Home Party!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outfit of the Week!

Well you've probably guessed it but this weeks outfit of the week is the Three Piece Peasant outfit:

This outfit is so versatile and looks good on any doll you put it on! Yesterday I showed you Aggie and Jasmine, today Lulu is wearing it:

Lulu has a slimmer body so the skirt does not have a snug fit. The Denim jacket and sleeveless top fit perfectly!

You could win this outfit (or one of the many other beautiful outfits) for FREE if you decide to host a home party! I'm going to talk more about the home parties tomorrow!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Emily Rose = Flexibility!

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a joyful and blessed weekend! Yesterday, we sent my son off to his annual leadership conference. It's always bittersweet because we know he will have a great time, but we still miss him like crazy! Then hubby, daughter and me went off to enjoy the county fair. We saw horse races so to speak (they had to do several exercises riding the horses, the trick was they had a spoon with and egg in it that couldnt' fall!!!), lumber jacks, quality crafts and sorts of good things! We of course had funnel cake and brought a big bag of kettle corn home with us! YUM!

Now on to the good stuff. Although Emily Rose primarily targets American Girl Dolls for their clothing, there are many other dolls that can fit the Emily Rose Clothes. First up is Jasmine! Jasmine is a Kingstate doll that is sold by Strasburg Children. She is built similar to the the American girl dolls and was the perfect candidate (and a very willing model)! Isnt' she adorable??

Next up is Aggie. She is from the American Girlz Line of Madame Alexander. I found Aggie at Costco right before Christmas. Toys R Us also sells a similar doll. So here's Aggie wearing the same peasant outfit! It looks just as great on her!

Later on I will share a picture of Lulu, she's a Karito Kid from Nairobi and a little thinner in the waist than these girls!

Remember we at Emily Rose @ Home work for YOU! We bring the party and the selection to YOU! If you are not in the NJ area, go to the Emily Rose website (link under my store) and register as a Hostess. You will be matched with a Founder in your area! Now Let's PARTY!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Doll Care Basics 101 Part 2

Yesterday I provided some doll care basic DO's from the Emily Rose Website, now here are some DON'Ts!! Hope these tips are helpful:


1. Eat or drink while playing with your doll. You can have a tea party for your doll (use water for the tea), but you should not eat or drink. Remember that juice stains or sticky jelly may ruin her.

2. Keep your doll in a plastic bag or box. Always put your doll away when you aren't playing with her, but never seal her in a plastic box or tub. Even if there is the smallest bit of water or moisture in the tub she may get mildew or mold.

3. Curl or blow-dry your doll's hair. Any heat applied to your doll’s hair always spells disaster. Instead style it with a brush and a little water.

4. Try and scrub any ink marks from your doll's arms or legs. If ink accidentally gets on her while she is helping you with your homework, don't try to scratch or scrub it away. Have your Mom help you put it right. The doll’s entire body needs to be covered except for the part with the ink, then rub some vegetable oil into the stain and leave her to dry. After a few times doing this the stain should disappear.

5. Put doll clothes in the washer or dryer. Hand wash doll clothes only in very mild soapy water and air dry them. If the outfit is special and you are in doubt send the clothes to the dry cleaners.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doll Care Basics 101

One of the reasons I love working with Emily Rose is there is a wealth of information on caring for our babies and keeping them in pristine condition. Here is some information from the Emily Rose Website :


1. Wash first. If you wash your hands before playing with your American Girl© Doll she will be kept clean for longer. Not even your doll likes peanut butter and jelly in their hair!

2. Try to keep your doll out of the direct sunlight. If she’s in the sun, all of your doll’s coloring will start to fade, including all her clothes.

3. Brush your doll's hair regularly. Try to do this every night. Frequent brushing with a wire doll brush helps get out tangles and frizz. If her hair does get tangled, put a little water on the brush to smooth it out. Leave in conditioner also works well.

4. Use baking soda to clean your doll's face. If your doll's face gets dirty or marked, put a little baking soda on a damp washcloth and then gently wash her face. No need to dry it let it air dry afterwards.

5. Vacuum your doll's cloth body. Keep your doll's cloth body clean and free of dirt and dust with a little help from your Mom and a vacuum. Carefully rub cornstarch in to the cloth, leave her overnight, and then vacuum it away the next day.

Hope this helps you with your little ladies!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outfit Pick of the Week

Hi all,

I'm so excited to share one of the outfits that is offered by Emily Rose @ Home. My daughter just transitioned from Brownie to Junior Girl Scout. I can't wait for her to get this outfit for her American Girl doll! Don't you need one for your Girl Scout too? Check it out at this link:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



My name is Margaret and I would like to tell you about a home business that I've started with my daughter. We are avid doll collectors and even in tough economic times we like to enjoy our hobby. We searched around for ways that we could make money to help us and we found the perfect solution!

We are now members of the Founder's Circle for Emily Rose @ Home. Emily Rose Doll Clothes is a company that recognizes the need for affordable doll clothes. The primary focus is clothing to fit the 18 inch American Girl and similar sized dolls. The clothing is high quality and more importantly affordable! We have two ways to provide service to you. If you are interested, we can host a party at your home, you pick the theme! Or if you prefer, you can order from our online link for a wider selection, including clothing for the Bitty Baby sized dolls:

We have full confidence in the Emily Rose products and would love to give you the opportunity to try them for yourself! If you would like to find out more about Emily Rose Parties and sign up to be a hostess (all hostesses get free gifts!!), please email me at You can check out the Emily Rose products at this link:

Thank you for looking!