Tuesday, July 21, 2009



My name is Margaret and I would like to tell you about a home business that I've started with my daughter. We are avid doll collectors and even in tough economic times we like to enjoy our hobby. We searched around for ways that we could make money to help us and we found the perfect solution!

We are now members of the Founder's Circle for Emily Rose @ Home. Emily Rose Doll Clothes is a company that recognizes the need for affordable doll clothes. The primary focus is clothing to fit the 18 inch American Girl and similar sized dolls. The clothing is high quality and more importantly affordable! We have two ways to provide service to you. If you are interested, we can host a party at your home, you pick the theme! Or if you prefer, you can order from our online link for a wider selection, including clothing for the Bitty Baby sized dolls: http://www.dollsclothes-emilyrose.com/?Click=6322

We have full confidence in the Emily Rose products and would love to give you the opportunity to try them for yourself! If you would like to find out more about Emily Rose Parties and sign up to be a hostess (all hostesses get free gifts!!), please email me at maggie965@verizon.net. You can check out the Emily Rose products at this link: http://www.dollsclothes-emilyrose.com/?Click=6322

Thank you for looking!

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