Monday, July 27, 2009

Emily Rose = Flexibility!

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a joyful and blessed weekend! Yesterday, we sent my son off to his annual leadership conference. It's always bittersweet because we know he will have a great time, but we still miss him like crazy! Then hubby, daughter and me went off to enjoy the county fair. We saw horse races so to speak (they had to do several exercises riding the horses, the trick was they had a spoon with and egg in it that couldnt' fall!!!), lumber jacks, quality crafts and sorts of good things! We of course had funnel cake and brought a big bag of kettle corn home with us! YUM!

Now on to the good stuff. Although Emily Rose primarily targets American Girl Dolls for their clothing, there are many other dolls that can fit the Emily Rose Clothes. First up is Jasmine! Jasmine is a Kingstate doll that is sold by Strasburg Children. She is built similar to the the American girl dolls and was the perfect candidate (and a very willing model)! Isnt' she adorable??

Next up is Aggie. She is from the American Girlz Line of Madame Alexander. I found Aggie at Costco right before Christmas. Toys R Us also sells a similar doll. So here's Aggie wearing the same peasant outfit! It looks just as great on her!

Later on I will share a picture of Lulu, she's a Karito Kid from Nairobi and a little thinner in the waist than these girls!

Remember we at Emily Rose @ Home work for YOU! We bring the party and the selection to YOU! If you are not in the NJ area, go to the Emily Rose website (link under my store) and register as a Hostess. You will be matched with a Founder in your area! Now Let's PARTY!!!


  1. Great update. Love the girls in the outfit - particuarily Aggie!

    Emily Rose @ Home Madison

  2. Thanks Andrea, I thought Aggie looked adorable!! These outfits are so versatile!