Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Littles Go Fishing

Hello People!

My name is Ariana and Mommy says I can tell you about the time The Littles and our Big Sister went fishing with our Daddy!

It was a nice day so Daddy said, lets go fishing. So we packed up our fishing stuff and went to the lake.

Wait for me Daddy!

When we got there Me, Lily and Georgia sat on the log while my sister and Daddy fished:

Wow! Did you see how far that went!!


It was so funny when Lily thought she saw a bug! She started screaming!! Me and Georgia just laughed! Mommy said that was mean! Sorry Lily!

After we laughed so hard we sat down on the log again and what did we see...

Sister and Daddy caught a fish!! What a great way to end the day!!
DSC_1815 copy


  1. Those are precious! I need to get the fishing doll for my middle child and her dad who likes to fish!