Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Omission from Yesterday

I don't know how I could have forgotten!! McDonald's is currently having and American Girl Promotion! You get these adorable little playsets for each of the historical girls. The first one I got is Molly. In the Molly set, which is like a little book, I got two back drops, six paper dolls (including a dog!), some stickers and a little game. It has a mini book about Molly too. It all comes tied up with a ribbon it's so cute!! I forgot to take a picture so I will add that later. Here's a link to some more goodies at the McDonalds website:



Stay tuned later for Aggie's report of her trip to the botanical garden!

Margaret and Mimi


  1. Hmmm ... how big are these American Girl playsets? Could they be Barbie scale?

    Curious Dana ;-D

  2. No they are not Barbie scale but they are scaled for the larger dolls!