Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life of Faith Going out of Business Sale

Hi everyone,

I forgot to include this in my post yesterday. The Life of Faith 18" dolls are are clearance. The best priced doll is Laylie at just $30!! Laylie was originally priced at $99.99 . Also, check out the wardrobe section. These are beautiful, high quality outfits!! You have to use the code wardrobe70 to get the discount. The books are also on sale and you can enter BOOK70 to get the discount. I have always wanted Laylie and I was finally able to order her!


  1. I am new to your blog; you have a great blog:-) I am following you from MBC Follow Me Club 2...

  2. Do Life of Faith doll clothes fit American girl dolls?

  3. I'm sorry I cannot say for sure. I have not exchanged outfits between these two dolls.

  4. The best place to compare Life of Faith with other dolls like American Girl and Maplelea is on the justmagicdolls website ( They show pictures comparing the shapes, and have notes about foot size and so on. Go to "Meet the dolls" page.

  5. Hello all,

    How nice! I love the American girl dolls Clothes. Thanks for sharing!
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