Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outfit of the week 9/7 - Pink Camo PJ's

Hi everyone,

The reason this is late is because I had a very hard time waking up my sleepy-head Addy!! But here she is in her Camo Pink PJ's. Her favorite PJ set also includes a sweet Teddy Bear!

Pink Camo is not your thing? How about Pink Leopard PJ's! Your doll will feel like she's sleeping in luxury with these great PJ's!

These Satiny PJ's have the most adorable matching robe!

If you are looking for a sweet sleep, how about the Tank Heart PJ's covered in tiny hearts!

Of course there are many more beautiful PJ outfits at our website store!


  1. These are so adorable! I wonder if my Dasia doll can fit any of these? The clothing is a little young for her, but I think that she would look good in the PJ's and robe.

  2. What size is Dasia? These clothes are designed to fit 18 inch dolls.

  3. Dasia is a 12" doll but she is full figured and can not fit regular fashion doll clothes. I know that I would have to shorten the clothes, just wondered if they would fit her around the middle.