Monday, September 28, 2009

Outfit of the week 9/28

With back to school, it also means back to Girl Scouts, Brownies and Daisies for our community minded girls. Emily Rose has the perfect matching outfits for your little trooper. Here are Aggie and Addy modeling the Brownie Skirt Outfit and Green Junior Girl's Club outfits:

gs 2

The hat, vest, shirt, skirt and socks are all include with the Brownie outfit. the Junior Girl's Club outfit comes with a sash, shirt, skirt and socks. Addy's sneakers are also available here. I do not have a picture of the Daisy outfit but it is available here.

This weekend, my scouts attended an event to earn thier doll badges, here they are!

gs 1

Hope you enjoy these beautiful outfits!!



  1. These pictures are too!!!

  2. I meant to put these pictures are too cute!! LOL!!

  3. Love the outfits...super cute! I can't wait to introduce my little grand daughter Jalyn(6 yrs.) to your site. She will love seeing your dolls and their pretty little outfits.

    Much blessings

  4. I love all three dolls and the outfits.